Scenario 3: Philipines – Sorsogon

The purpose of our project is to provide first and foremost a safe, sustainable refuge for disaster stricken regions of the world. More specifically to those facing tropical hurricanes and their outcomes.

The result is a home that can float to avoid the rising waters from seasonal floods and can resist hurricane winds due to a compact design and a pitched roof.

Francesca De Filippi, Matteo Gianotti, Roberto Pennacchio Matteo Robiglio, Elena Vigliocco, Marco Simonetti, Laura Munoz Tascon,Simone parola, Maria Vélez, Zhang xinyun, Ma Xingyu, Manuela Reitsma, Alessandro Scarfiello, Francesco Sorasio, Florencia Courroux. Ferhat Dural. Hadi Charafeddine, Fernanda Souza Povoa, Luca Anselmino. Tzlil Lussato, Mirela Dadaj, Ghazal Amiri, LI biao, Ramezanzade.

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