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Integrated Lighting Design Systems

Integrated Lighting Design Systems

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1. Introduction to Lighting Design

1.1. Importance of Light for Space Ambience

1.2. Evolution of Light Design

1.3. Best practices for Light Design

2. Indoor Lighting System

2.1. Downlights

2.2. General lighting systems

2.3. Wall / ceiling / floor luminaires

2.4. Spotlights

2.5. Pendants

3. Outdoor Lighting Systems

3.1. Pole-mounted systems

3.2. Bollards and Systems for residential areas

3.3. Wall and ceiling-mounted luminaires

3.4. Recessed luminaires

3.5. Light Management Systems

4. Design Case Studies

4.1. Morgan Library, New York

4.2. Whitney Museum, New York

4.3. NYTimes Building, New York

4.4. Other Projects and References

About This Course

Design is finally integrated: searching for new stimuli, finding inspiration and expressing personal stances and ideas, these are the actions that characterize the work of architecture and lighting designers. It is a complex journey of know-how, exploration and in-depth analysis. To satisfy these requirements, we have constructed a system of tools to help designers through the various steps of the process. Multidisciplinary, multi-level and constantly updated, the Product Book system integrates design inspiration, technical specifications, and in-depth formal and performance analyses to sustain highly advanced design processes.

Course Structure

1. Introduction to Lighting Design

2. Indoor Lighting System

3. Outdoor Lighting Systems

4. Project Case Studies

Learning Objectives

This course introduces participants into the best practices for light design. The projects featured will provide real world examples of how new techniques and technologies can be used to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces.


This course requires 2 hours of work, watching videos, reading and taking quizzes related to the course subject.

Course Format

The course consists of videos featuring a selection of products by iGuzzini and case studies on projects using them.


The course includes multiple-choice questions and a lighting design project.


Course participants receive a certificate from Build Academy after successful completion of the course.


The course will award 2 CEU credit by AIA-CES.


No prior knowledge will be required for this course.

Course Staff

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