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Personal Branding for Social Media

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1. From Bragging to Branding: How to Brand Yourself Effectively

1.0. Introduction to the course

1.1 What's Branding

1.2. Who Are You

1.3. Mission and Vision

1.4. OCAIS : Assessing Your Position

1.5. AIS: Your Strengths and Areas of Improvement

1.6. OC: Opportunities and Challenges in the Environment

1.7. Your Audience

1.8 Your Unique Selling Point

2. Branding Using LinkedIn

2.1. Introduction to LinkedIn and Branding

2.2. Technicalities: How to Open a LinkedIn account and others

2.3. 3Ps (Profile, People and Performance)

2.4. Profile: Your Picture and Your Industry

2.5. Profile: Disclosing your Strengths

2.6. Profile: Writing your Summary

2.7. People: Skills & Groups

2.8. People: Jobs

2.9. Performance: How we can leverage our career

3. The Power of Building Personal Networks

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Creating a Network: 3 forms of Networking

3.3. Theory behind Network

3.4. Developing Ties

3.5 Your Power: Structural Holes and Mentorship

3.6 Mistakes to Avoid when Networking

3.7. Developing a Networking using LinkedIn

4. Position Yourself- Designing your online portfolio

4.1. GLOW: Professional Portfolio

4.2. Developing your Professional Portfolio

4.3. STAR Collecting and Describing your Artifacts

4.4. Selecting your Artifacts Effectively

4.5.Reasons to Create a Portfolio, and what to include on it

4.6. Portfolio Platforms

4.7.Portfolio Using LinkedIn

4.8.1. Portfolio Using Google Sites I

4.8.2. Portfolio Using Google Sites II

4.8.3. Google Drive - for Google Sites

4.9 Portfolio Using Community Based Portfolios

5. Put Social Media to Work for You (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter)

5.1.Taking control of your professional destiny

5.2. Social Media Platforms

5.3. ACTIONS: Steps to open a Social Media Account


5.5.1. Twitter

5.6. Google +

5.7. Put the social media to work for you and Final Homework

6. Wrapping up

6.1 Introduction

6.2. communication FBI

6.3. Questionning Power

6.4. Listening

6.5. Writing Communication CANvas

6.6. Writing Communication canVAS

6.7. Branding on the relationship era

6.8. The Magic of Words

6.9. Blogging I

6.10 Blogging II

6.11. Blogging III

6.12. Wrapping up and Good Bye

About This Course

Branding is not only just for organizations, products and companies, It is also for people. ‘Personal branding’ has become an increasingly widespread phrase and permanently reason. Just because more traditional branding helps organizations to draw market consciousness, public recognition and also customer loyalty for them, building your own individual brand can employ a comparably positive impact on employers and the labor market’s attention to you as a specialist.

In this course the learner will understand the power of building personal networks, and how to brand him/herself effectively. Learners will develop their personal brand and will learn to use social media to leverage it. The learner will be able to identify and then communicate what makes him/her unique and relevant and differentiated for his/her target audience.

The learner will be able to use social networks to connect, share, and develop ideas. He/she will learn to brand him/herself to participate in a collective intelligence experience and put the social media to work in his/her personal benefit. We will discuss how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and PinInterest to connect professionally with others.

Learner will develop a LinkedIn Prolife, resume and online portfolio and be able to market him/herself using professional networks.


1. From Bragging to Branding: How to Brand yourself effectively

2. Branding using LinkedIn: Designing your Resume and your Profile

3. The Power of Building Personal Networks

4. Position Yourself- Designing your online portfolio and using Pin Interest

5. Mapping and developing your own Social Networks

6. Put the Social Media to Work for You (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)


• Discussing research-grounded theories behind building personal networks

• Understanding branding and self- branding

• Identifying and then communicating what makes you unique and relevant and differentiated for your target audience

• Developing their self-brand effectively

• Using LinkedIn to brand him/herself

• Communicating with social media

• Developing a network and put the social media to works for his/her self by leveraging your LinkedIn profile using Facebook and twitter


You’ll have to spend 2-3 hours per week with your computer exploring social networks and collaborating with virtual teams. Participation using microblogging will be essential to this class. Each class requires your active participation in the discussion groups.


Peer evaluation, microblogging, and quizzes will be used to monitor your learning process, and essay questions. The student will present a portfolio with two products well develop: Her own self-branding using LinkedIn, and his digital portfolio.


Professor will provide research articles, videos, and other materials to be discussed in class. In addition, students will receive a list of suggesting articles or case studies for each of the sessions. It is recommended to acquire a 5 dollar e-book developed for this course by the instructor.


You will be offered a certificate by Build Academy after you complete all the course assignments and exams. If you include it in your resume, remember that the course is offered by "Open Online Academy, New York." To receive feedback in your projects you will need to buy a certificate. Detail feedback is available for an additional fee."


The course is both for the general public and for people who are interested in using social networks to collaborate and innovate. People who are interested in learning new leadership skills that focus on guide companies to innovation using their collective intelligence.


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Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote has 20+ years’ senior-level experience instructing, motivating and researching at the university-level. She holds two Masters Degrees - a MAP in Public Administration (concentration in Strategic Management) (CIDE, 1991), M.Sc. in Finance (Carnegie Mellon University, 1996) and she is Doctor of Education Ed.D (concentration in Higher Education Administration) (University of Pittsburgh, 2001); and completed a postdoctoral work using quantitative methods analysis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, 2001-2003).

Dr. Morote is an international scholar with over 20 award and recognitions from several countries to incl. Best Case Study at a Conference (International Business and Economy Conference- IBEC-India, 2010), Best Research Paper (Emerald Literati Award for Excellence, USA, 2013) and Best Experimental Research Paper (International conference in Management and Education Innovation–Paris, France, 2014).

Dr. Morote is the founder director of the International Studies and Diversity Institute (IDI). This Institute fosters understanding among cultures, develops global leaders and promotes diversity in education. More in her website